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FCJ Spelling


This app aims to help people of all ages to improve their spelling with a special emphasis on learning difficulties such as dyslexia.


Through weekly use and completion of the 10 exercises included in the app, users can significantly improve their spelling skills. 

Although FCJ Spelling is suitable for anybody wishing to improve their reading and writing skills, the app is specially tailored to students and teachers, allowing students to submit their work on the app to their teachers at the end of each week.


Instructions for Use:




Students complete the 10 exercises each week. At the end of each week, the student submits their results to their teachers. Students can choose to have a transparent colour overlay while playing the exercises.




To view a student’s results simply tap Search for Results and enter the student’s username. Their name and username will then be saved to your device for future use.


Once all your students have been added. You can press one button to gather all of your students' results in a table.

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